Sunday, 7 July 2013

Private - Keep Out! ...?

If I have dancers who are locked into looking at feet I often invite the group to have a specific practice or repeat of a dance to explore finding the dance in our bodies. I do so in clear invitation and offering support.
If dancers are locked into looking at the centre (whether I have one or not), I tend to choose dances whose energetic opens to a present relationship in a looseness of fun - unless a more grounded joining felt more appropriate.
The pallet of dances offers itself as a moving focus of our group attention and energy.
Attention directs energy and energy follows attention. Freeing attention opens the space in which to feel and behold the full quality of our dancing.
Looking down is part of a spectrum of range, but locking the attention downwards denies aspiration in shared endeavour.
Subservience looks down, the unworthy look down, but to what do we subjugate ourselves?

The private 'spirituality' that is so easily lost, spoiled or exposed by coming into relationship with others is a sham(e).
Nothing Real is threatened, but can be lost sight of if the unreal is accorded an equal existence. If two or more gather in some other name...

Now surely our relationship is not in itself a joining of hands or meeting of eyes - but is joining in shared purpose.

To talk about this level is more difficult because we don't have shared vocabulary for it - but the symptoms or effects of withholding  are indeed a joylessness or flatness - which then demands a private 'spirituality' to compensate. But our simple presence shared is already a spiritual Fact.

This hole in our culture is buried beneath a lot of stuff that a lot of people are dedicated to defending. It is of a similar nature to the story of the Emperor's 'new' clothes, where none can see or admit to a nakedness because to do so is to reveal themselves as unfit for their positions or hopelessly stupid.

Of course Life is still Life and happens or leaks out in all sorts of ways. But the exceptions prove the rule rather than disqualify it.

In a culture where everyone agrees to look the other way, love does not exist... and so people make substitutes for it because a purely hateful life is both unliveable and intolerable to the love that we are.

What then is the art and dance of relationship that allows us to meet without making demand of, asserting power upon, or appeal to?
This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day,  Thou canst not then be false to any man.

I am not raising issues to assert myself - but to invite a shared focus in areas of our dancing that  - I sincerely feel - will benefit from being brought to light.

The degree of differences in various groups around the world will not mean that there is not a legitimate conversation to share regarding this - for those who feel drawn to engage in it.

Not everyone has interest in anything except 'dancing', but what is that??
Private - Keep Out!
Authorised persons only!



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