Sunday, 29 March 2015

Dancing as healing art

This writing is edited from a response in a conversation on the therapeutic uses of dance

Recreational is a term that can serve to mean the remembering of Creation itself - from which the Creator never departed. Reconnecting not merely to top up ‘batteries’ of a separate self sense, but as a yielding OF the separate self sense to an Already Wholeness that is eclipsed or covered over by the identification within a separating mentality.

Wholeness and holiness are one well-being. But to a part that asserts and defends its separateness at the expense of the whole, holiness can only be heresy and patching Humpty Dumpty up so as to remain out of true but ‘get away with it’ becomes the modus operandi.

And so all kinds of healing modalities can be used to support an out-of-true self-assertion by subjecting them to or filtering them through personal and mutual ritual culture so as to reinforce the separateness rather than yield it.

Where one is coming from is the measure of what one receives - and this is basically “what you give out is what you get back”.

If in the facilitation or teaching of any form of shared learning, one comes from a conflicting foundation, then one has a conflicting outcome. However, those who come may bring a whole willingness and receive in like kind.

Definitions are everything. For a fearfully defined sense of self can only operate from and as a conflicted foundation.

Joy is healing in the remembrance of truly aligned nature - for joy is wholeness of being - it is also the condition in which what is out of alignment becomes clearly noticeable, unwanted and in time, intolerable.

Focusing on the Joy becomes a ‘therapeutic’ act in any endeavour.

The negatively defined self tends to focus upon what is ‘wrong’ and then attempt to overcome or fix or heal it. This can them SEEM to be ‘helpful’ but is a subtle deceit whereby the ‘out of true’ perpetuates itself at the cost of wholeness.

When truly motivated - that is - when we are doing what we love and freely want to do, rather than doing what protects or hides our fear, so as to reinforce a private agenda, we become aligned within a single unified focus and all our faculties and abilities operate and develop to embody and fulfil our living and communicating desire - which also aligns and attracts to it whatever is needed for its shared fulfilment - for joy is never a private agenda - being a quality of radiance, generosity, appreciation and gratitude.

Meeting this vibrational state requires some willingness FOR it. If one is determined to abide in justifying grievance, one will exclude or render invisible ANY communication of joy or healing and will thus feel free to substitute such ‘absence’ of well being, with any and every kind of surrogate - none of which demonstrate the qualities of the Spirit of wholeness.

I feel I live in such times where a false sense of self is yet operating unchallenged, and thus dictates and limits our thoughts - our perceptions, our experience of world and our perpetuating reactions whereby fear magnifies and joy is sacrificed.

All of us choose our joy - or our least pain - in any situation - as we define it. AS WE DEFINE OURSELF IN THAT RELATIONSHIP TO BE. If we complain is it not that we take joy in grievance?
In a society that defines pain as joy, and joy as heresy, it can be challenging to reclaim sanity.
But whenever two or more gather in a shared willingness for joy, a ‘bubble reality’ is formed in which learning (=transformation), occurs. This does then communicate or radiate out to everyone in the larger ‘reality agreement’ as a vibrational choice.

But each remains free to accept or match that vibration or not. One doesn't so much heal as facilitate conditions - including vibrational presence - in which healing can be recognised, accepted, welcomed, as the replacement for a false substitution of life. IE: baggage can simply fall away.

Everyone has a unique belief system, and will attract to themselves or explore according to their own excitements and predilections. Unless their capacity to imagine and explore is sacrificed to a rigid self-defeating sense of unworthiness or inadequacy. But even these are choices for which a pay-off is gotten - or they would never be made and accepted as if true of us.

I have never promoted the dance as a therapy because I feel defined in living joy and unwilling to define myself in terms of sickness. I have no doubt as the health-givingnature of sharing what we love, because we love. But once we do something in order to escape a fear of something else, such as dementia or even loneliness - we use the new wine in the context of the old bottle (paradigm) and this adulterates and dilutes our joy - for there is no innocence in strategic private agenda.

Innocence in its true sense is not a mitigation of believed guilt, but a freshness of perspective - of true willingness for life, that yields what it thinks it knows itself to be in order to rejoin a Greater Dance - for joy is the call to embody the inner music of our being, and re-creation or re-membered Creation is the nature of our true presence revealing unto itself through us.

These are simply my thoughts arising from the consideration of dance-as-healing. If anything resonates with the reader then be the resonance of what moves you and feels relevant to your own unfolding.
But truth is never defined within form and never will be, but it is embodied through form when free of coercive hidden agenda, and automatically reaches to where it is welcome, in time and over time so as to fit the timings of a wholeness unfolding to Itself.

In Peace


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