Sunday, 7 August 2016

Letting Love in

This was written to a group of dancers and teachers of circle dance and is slightly edited to remove any personal references.

...I feel glad that you follow your passion and share it - but I also hold that a felt willingness to join with others is effectively ‘letting love in’ - and this is perhaps the most profound healing beneath any other form or process - because the denial of love is the root ‘sickness’ by which something else is presented in its place - but which no longer has the healing and whole-ing power that love simply is - and works to deny the original intimacy in terms of loss of control, face, power and security. Jesus offered may parables by which to recognise the reversal and indeed the moneylender in the Template who holds true worth hostage to a trojan scam.

By which a fragmentation or splitting operates in place of a communication within wholeness - with polarised ‘opposites’ claiming or asserting independence from each other - and from their unified source.

I have let fallow my dancing amidst the sense that we have become so ‘sophisticated’ and partial in our dancing ‘identities’ that the forms of joining have replaced the transformational experience of joining - and indeed a truly felt intimacy is either denied or subverted to serve separative interests - or at least not aligning a growing living culture of joining in living FROM a connectedness - but instead assimilated into a larger consumerism of getting a ht of connection without the risk of transformation.

I don't address this to your groups or any others in particular - but as a general observation over time.

When I share dance with those who are not ‘circle dancers'- at gatherings where a sense of willingness for joining is still lived - there is a tangibly shared movement of being truly moved - that can for example be tears of gratitude or a profound appreciation of presence. And this as a natural by-product of sharing something we are truly open to being moved or inspired in.

Receptivity, discernment and willingness to embody truly - bring us into presence, synchronicity and right relation - and if we merely use that as a ‘fix’ we then discard it to resume our ‘life’ in an alienated and life-denying society - that drifts ever more into insanity of active but masked hatreds that are more likely to be self-righteously asserted than opened to healing - for so invested in such identities are we encouraged or herded to become.

Our original nature is whole - but are we wholly en-compass-ioned in such felt embrace? - or asserting the mind of definition upon Her - so as to generate a distorting and usurping identity that has become a second nature, asserted and self-justified at expense of awareness and acceptance of our First?

As long as we choose to assert being the independent ‘mover’ - we will hold onto a sense of control that prevents the quality and appreciation of being moved. For a long while I felt the (circle) dance was a profoundly simple access to the ordinary or natural transcendent embrace of a healed and healing perspective… an opening into a reintegrative movement of Sanity and Wholeness.

And of course it is - if you let it be so for you.
In a world ‘designed for forgetting’ or predicated upon the notion of getting - re-membering is a true belonging in our own being - and naturally extends out as the giving/receiving of the gift - as a movement of appreciation and gratitude.

A circle between Spirit or unified purpose and its expression, act and reflecting embodiment is completed in the call and response of joy in Life - but blocked from fulfilment by the loss of receptivity, guidance and support that re-polarizes us to ‘struggle alone’ as attempt to validate or get right what is not in our power to do - but is our power to accept as already given - as our divine or original inheritance.

I don't write this as an expectation of personal response from Laura - but as a reflection in which anyone may join in any way they feel moved. But I ask to feel for where we are being moved from so as to know a true sense of ourselves rather than reacting from conditioned sense of past imprints.

Isn't so much of our dancing the falling away of what doesn't serve to allow a fullness of presence and participation?

Joyful abstinence is preferable to joyless dancing - but wherefore a true love that gives and receives spontaneously of itself just be cause!

I dance in words across the screen of your attention… or regardless your attention elsewhere. But whatever wanted to move to communicate - has drawn its clothes from a vocabulary of cultural forms spanning many cultures and millennia of experience - and yet presently unfolding meaning anew to a willingness of noticing and joining.

Have I nothing better to do! Or is a perfect moment one in which there is nowhere and nothing else one would rather be? Isn't that what living from our joy brings us (apart from highlighting the patterns of joylessness that don't serve awakened purpose so as to release them - and so become more open to presence?

In Peace


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